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Digital film from analogue 35mm & 120mm negatives, 30'37''

Read more in this Moving Image Artists Journal article here.


Attic Windows of the Infinite is a completely unique film shot on analogue 35mm using different stereoscopic, lenticular and toy action capture cameras animated together to make a world that layers and freezes time, dancing back and forth in space. The viewer is invited to slip through the screen between the flickering pixels into a realm of shifting dimensions, tracing the triangulated narratives of surface, depth and time. Much like Koyanasquaasti (1982) depicted life through a hyperlapse sense of acceleration, Attic Windows of the Infinite seeks to build a world suspended in stasis, trapped in a perpetual present, hanging on a moment in time.

Attic WIndows of the Infinite depicts a place that could be everywhere and nowhere. It loops through space and time, cycling through seasons, day and night, growth and decay, the familiar and the abstract to create an uncanny, hypnotic work: a completely new form of filmmaking and a unique way of experiencing the world. 

Supported by Arts Council England as part of the wider project Suspended Animation. Score by Rob Shields.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Prismatic Ground - 2022.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Ribalta Experimental Film Festival - 2023.png

Screenings / Exhibitions:

Prismatic Ground Festival, Maysles Documentary Centre, New York

To the Past, To the Future, By Art Matters Gallery, Hangzhou

Cinesinfin - movies of 2022

Ribalta Experimental Film Festival, Italy

Honourable mention, Experimental Forum, LA

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