Documentation has played a very literal part of my process both due to my documentary film background and the collaged nature of my work. Often I will film things, not as footage in the sense that it is part of the final piece of work, but as a record of ideas. This might consist of a texture, light movement or shape that becomes an inspiration for 3D rendered objects or matte layer. It might be a reflection in a window which becomes the inspiration for an effect I recreate with mirrors or glass. It might be field recordings of sound or interviews that are embedded into the soundtrack.


Thus film becomes an essential part of the research – collating ideas or becoming an inspiration for a motif or theme within the final outcome. Other techniques I use through the process include photography, drawing, notetaking, collage and mapping – both using a sketchbook and digitally. Sometimes these fragments inspire a later piece. A fleeting image, phrase or process might become whole new body of work.


I particularly find documentation useful in terms of communication of ideas, both in collaborations and in my solo projects. Showing works in progress, tests and experiments for feedback is integral in this sense.