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Digital video collage from analogue elements:

Public domain archive footage, 1930s astronomy illustrations, magnetic tape processing (Digibeta)


Music by Ashiya Eastwood & David Croxx-Kane (formerly Jupiter-C)

Taken from the EP released in March 2017 on Invada records.

The video is a collage of fragments: grainy archive film footage, 1930s astronomy illustrations and glitchy digital effects are layered to depict a bleak apocalyptic urban memoryscape where the seemingly tangible disintegrates into virtual emptiness and the imaginary city implodes.

There is no time, not anymore. This is nowhere, and forever.

Screened at Devonshire Collective Digital Weekender curated by AΦE (Eastborne, 2017) & Experimental Film Festival (Middlesborough, 2017)

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