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Past events.

Eternity City Milton Keynes.

13th-23rd September, The Old Bus Station, Elder Gate, Milton Keynes Central

Site specific installation in Milton Keynes

Eternity City Private View.

13th September, 19.00-22.00

Groundwork Weekender.

14th-16th September, various venues and events across Milton Keynes.

The Groundwork Weekender is a three-day celebration and exploration of Milton Keynes; its heritage, landscape, mobility, architecture, people, sites and sounds of the city, curated by artist-collective Tracing the Pathway.

The Groundwork Weekender presents an ambitious and diverse programme of performances, talks, walks, exhibitions, film screenings and social meeting points, each entirely created for and in response to MK. Eleven unique artist projects will premiere, softly animate the city, gesturing towards the inspiring creative and cultural sites that can be found by every grassy verge; in its grid formations, underpasses, trees, and people too.

All events are free and the programme encourages both arts and non-arts audiences to engage with the work and meet the artists behind their creation. Audiences will be free to navigate their way around the programme and city, or, alternatively we invite you to join us for a three-day guided tour as we collectively journey by foot, by bike and by bus around these artworks, around this city.

More info via the website.

Workshop: Flora & Film for Families.

21st July 10.30-14.00, Milton Keynes Arts Centre

Free workshop for families of walking, filming and gathering plants. This workshop included learning some simple filming and editing techniques on your own phone to create beautiful moving artworks. All ages welcome, children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Workshop: Projecting Nature - Family Workshop.

11th August 10.00-12.00, Milton Keynes Arts Centre

Video Artist Sapphire Goss worked with families and young participants to explore the nature around Milton Keynes Arts Centre and how this can be developed into beautiful micro artworks using film slides.

Flora & Film.

17th August 14.30-18.30, Milton Keynes Arts Centre, walking to MK Gallery

This free day long workshop for artists and creatives explored the specific flora and fauna of Milton Keynes through walking, filming and gathering along redways and bridleways, through estates, parks, underpasses and verges of MK. 

Short Film Selection at MK Gallery.

17th August 19.00-20.30, Milton Keynes Gallery

Video Artist Sapphire Goss screened a selection of short films that show her techniques of exploring, shooting and layering footage to create dreamlike compositions.


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