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These are part of the Covid Tapes with proceeds going to Mind 

The whole project is fast turnaround so I edited it in about 2-3 hours. There’s no archive used. The timelapses and ice filter forest/bird shots are from Finland. The crosses are a viewfinder from a 1920s camera, I shot the screen through this tiny contraption on my phone. Then I overlayed old ‘paperkinos’: animations I printed onto paper & reanimated frame by frame. These - and some silver card reflections - were taken from some of the many, many unused layers of 2015’s Umbra Sumus film. Layers of constructed past, sensations of memory as something physical , tactile and tangible.



Digital video from 8mm/16mm, sound,

15'18''’ installation version, 9'00'' single channel version

Monitor, Wood, antique TV magnifier


​Strange landscapes emerge from cine film flaws – stuttering projections, slipped sprockets, misaligned frames, grainy expired emulsions, grain, light leaks and scratches – filtering through the liquid lens of a 1950s TV magnifier.

Shown as part of the solo exhibition Analogue Uncanny, UCA Brewery Tap, Folkestone, UK

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