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Research project and film, supported by the ACE Developing Your Creative Practice grant.

These short loops explore new analogue 3D stereoscopic techniques to create a depiction of a world trapped in loops of time - concertinaing and folding between static and rapid movement. The viewer is invited to slip through the screen between the flickering pixels into an analogue-uncanny world of layers and dimensions. The clips circle spatially through motionless scenes: birds held on the wind, waves frozen like ice, raindrops hovering, light rays solidified, gestures halted, movement rendered into tactile, solid sculptural forms. An unremarkable suburban stream becomes an otherworldly glade, a building site a Calvino-esque citadel. Everyday scenes are portals to this mysterious “other-realm”, where time acts on shifting scales. Suggestions of faces and figures are seen and quickly disappear, de-stabilising our sense of who and where we are.

"A thousand hungry eyes bent over the peepholes of the stereoscope, as though they were the attic windows of the infinite..." Baudelaire

Attic Windows of the Infinite Film

Article on Moving Image Artists Journal

Short loops - Hover over images to animate (web only. on mobile click through to instagram)

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