I am part of the Live Cinema UK Talent Pool 2018.
I have performed with audiovisuals on cross artform projects at events, live music settings, clubs, theatre, and even created video designs for wearable tech with Studio XO. Most recently I have done video design work for the opera Silk Moth (2019) and am took part in a group residency at Battersea Arts Centre to work on the design for a new performance Magdeline (2019-20). 
This often crosses over into live, multi-channel installations such as As Above So Below (2019), Eternity City (2018) and Gridworks (2017). I created the responsive video for expanded cinema event Your Wilderness Revisited with William Doyle and Mat Colquhoun. It made its debut at East End Film Festival and involved discussion, live music performances, and even a community choir. I create immersive live video that responds to performance and can shift with parameters such as sound levels. I have often used existing films in essay films or in performances, such as in Dead Beats - a piece I made with horror films and video synth software - performed at o2 Building 6 for Rob Shields.