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Living Slides
Mixed Media

The living/dying slides are an ongoing element of my practice that are in a way the ultimate expression of my ideas of the ‘analogue uncanny’ - for what could be more analogue than work made with nature itself?
Yet their simplicity belies the layers of manipulation and arrangement that goes into their presentation. They are tiny windows into frozen natural forms and micro-topographies; studies on negative space; minimally manipulated to create evocative compositions that are different each time they are pulled out and photographed - a little more decayed, a little more fragile.
Their temporality is at odds with the digital processes used to suspend them in time - what you see on this page is not how they are now. this way they are simultaneously an act of creation and an act of destruction.

They were initially conceived during the residency for Tracing the Pathway (2017). They were then made in workshops during Eternity City (2018), becoming the inspiration for the giant installation screens, filled with decaying plants, changing the space with the fluctuating daylight and projected film loops.
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