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William Doyle - 'Millersdale' Official Video

Commissioned Video, 5'00''

Directed and edited by Sapphire Goss

Director of Photography - Carter Hewlett

Stylist & Tape Operator - Freya Edmondson

Still Photographs - Matt Colquhoun

Special thanks to David & Elaine Hawkins





The video creates a world hovering between a banal suburb and an uncanny memory. The contrast between dark and veils of glistening light in the film mirrors the song’s extremities: of the darkness of grief and overwhelming emotion, but also its exhilarating bursts of hope and potential.

The feeling of being on the cusp of becoming who you are when everything seems vivid and endless and tangible – a sensation you can grasp without realising what it is you have in your hand.

Part of Your Wilderness - Live - Website

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