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The Mutant Man (2017)

Video Art for a theatre production at the Space Arts Centre.

Director: Heather Fairbairn
Designer: Charlotte Henery
Lighting Designer: Sean Gleason
Sound Designer: Sebastian Atterbury
Script Consultant: Jacob Thomas
Assistant Director: Holly Barnard
Video artist: Sapphire Goss

Book published by PlayLab

Starring Clementine Mills (Sydney Theatre Company) and Matthew Coulton (Complicite)


"Heather Fairbairn's stylish production incorporates a wealth of well-judged audio-visual effects... Sapphire Goss' AV tricks are stylish" -The Stage

"The Mutant Man is beautifully performed with glimpses of visual genius in its staging...The projection of live and recorded video onto the back wall of the theatre space is particularly effective in the haunting, reverberating venue."- The Play's the Thing

"Fairbairn’s magpie instinct fashions its own queer beauty here. Live and recorded video (Sapphire Goss) interplay beautifully, perspective is toyed with most effectively" - My Theatre Mates

"A unique aspect of the play was it’s immersive production design. The stark lighting, unnerving audio-visuals, and sound gave this play an added depth to the drama. Whether it was seeing the blood on Coulton’s hands through the projection or hearing the taping of Mills’ boots on the table, together the design elements established an eerie atmosphere"- Last Minute Theatre

"Fine, well acted play given a very imaginative production by director Heather Fairbairn... an unsettling mood which is emphasised by lighting, shadows and projections." - British Theatre Guide

"Aspects of past and future are cunningly intertwined" - Reviews Hub

"This play underlines the common humanity that binds us more closely than our genders" - Broadway World

Images above by Greg Veit

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