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Press Release

Eternity City by Sapphire Goss

14 – 23rd September 2018, Private View - 13th September

The Old Milton Keynes Bus Station, 401 Elder Gate, Central Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes MK9 1LR

The contours of Sapphire Goss's vision... are drenched in softness. The edges run together and dissolve into grain. Everything is reflected, refracted or distorted in water and glass...the work that takes shape is an impressionistic recreation of her experience of the place. 

White Noise Magazine


Artist Sapphire Goss has returned to her hometown to create Eternity City - a unique and ambitious multi-channel film installation about Milton Keynes, projected onto the architecture of the city itself.

Developed during open workshops for residents delivered by the artist over the summer, Sapphire has captured footage of the patterns, textures and shapes of the city, and created ‘living slides’ from plants gathered in the city’s edgelands. For Eternity City, she is creating giant living slides using the iconic modernist building of the Old Bus Station. As the sun goes down the film is revealed, the footage projected directly on to live plants that decay throughout the duration of the installation. The film is a multi-channel loop, perpetually shifting, evolving and growing, accompanied by an original soundtrack composed by local musician Rob Shields, using manipulated sounds of cars and nature recorded in the city.

Eternity City was commissioned as part of the Groundwork Weekender - a three-day celebration and exploration of Milton Keynes’ heritage, landscape, architecture, people, sites and sounds, curated by artist-collective Tracing the Pathway and running from 14th-16th September 2018.

Eternity City is further supported by Arts Council England and the Journal of Cultural Economy.

The artist Sapphire Goss says:

My involvement in Milton Keynes stems from being brought up there and having family history in the area going back centuries.


A significant part of my work will be focused on drawing in teenagers and young adults. As a former resident of Milton Keynes I felt there could be more inspirational activities and engagement with young people in the city to raise awareness, inspire ambition and to make sure all young people can engage with their local environment in a creative and meaningful way.


There is a brain drain of young people leaving the city, and I would hope to form part of an increased visibility and presence to arts and highlight the potential for investment in this area for the benefit of the city and its residents.


Notes to Editors.

Eternity City has been developed during intensive residencies at Milton Keynes Arts Centre and forms part of a wider programme for Groundwork Weekender Festival.

Eternity City is also supported MK College and by the Journal of Cultural Economy, with whom Sapphire has produced similar projects including AWED at Tate Exchange, which explored housing in Netherfield through an interactive installation and MK of the Mind, an essay film about Culture, Economy and Milton Keynes.


About Sapphire Goss.

Sapphire Goss is a UK based filmmaker and video artist. She has created work for exhibition, commissions, live events and for commercial purposes. She has exhibited around the UK and Northern Ireland. Her films use experimental techniques, playing with textures, surface light patterns and fragments of archive to create abstract animations; a moving collage. This layered style creates work that has a physically tangible, textural quality. With a background in documentary and visual anthropology she uses observation, interviews and process to investigate ideas of place, culture and memory.

About Groundwork.

Groundwork is a performance and research project about Milton Keynes produced by Tracing the Pathway. Since Groundwork's inception in 2015 it has operated as an umbrella project title for a variety of activities including residencies, talks, workshops, parties and dinners.

In May 2015 and 2017 Tracing the Pathway invited artists to take up residence in Milton Keynes. Each artist spent 10 days engaging in creative methods to discover and champion connections between the place, people, heritage, geography and history of the city. During this initial research period the artists were inspired to celebrate diverse aspects of Milton Keynes’ cultural, geophysical, and architectural identity, ending their stays by presenting tailor-made project ideas. For the Groundwork Weekender Festival, these artists will produce unique artworks and socially-engaged community projects specifically for the city.

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