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Possible Questions - 

Why do you think we have such a dystopian view of technology? What is the alternative?

Why are soft interfaces and robotics important? What does this mean for the future?

What are the applications? Rehabilitation, health (breathing etc) wellbeing, harsh environments (long term space travel), sleep aids, emotional wellbeing - autism etc?

What inspires you to make technology more human centred rather than cold and alien?

What sort of future do you envisage? 

How do you see us interacting with technology in a way that is more sensitive to human needs?



Notes -

Tactile light 


slow motion flickers - light slides and shifts 

coloured light for emotions / moving projections

macro detail - flesh

lightbox filming

emotions on the body start to colour the environment and vice versa


Sound - design - rushing and whooshing and breathing (female sound artist)



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