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Digital Video with custom living filters, 25'04''


Rose Tinted Crushed Black is a chimerical fusion of landscape, memory and sensation. It is an uncanny horror where the main actor is the landscape of Örö itself. It is made using footage I shot on the island during my residency in 2019 using living filters made from organic material (real plants, lichen, ice) and rubbish (cans, waste plastic etc). It is as if there is an ecosystem embedded into the camera; the island telling its own story. Gradually a presence becomes apparent, flickers at the peripheries, shadows, ghostly orbs, a creeping primal unease. In the end it is just the viewer and the landscape, reflecting back at each other, sinking in a murky pool that becomes the black screen playing the film.

Commissioned as part of the ÖRES 21 summer exhibition. Look at the other work here:

Sound by Dream Skills and Sapphire Goss

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