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Silk Moth (2019)

Video Art  for Opera - Grimeborn at Arcola Theatre

Complex layers, fragile webs, flesh and flora are spun together using microscope footage, Living Slides, silent films and vintage nature documentaries to create a world of dark complicity and coercive threads that draw you in to a seemingly safe cocoon that eventually destroys you.

A woman, alone, wrestles with the part she played in her daughter’s downfall. Is she vulnerable? Or complicit? Bushra El-Turk‘s hard-hitting, contemporary opera Silk Moth is presented alongside compositions from Liza Lim and Cassandra Miller in a new production by London chamber orchestra Ruthless Jabiru. A stellar cast of singers and conducted ensemble weave together Arabic and Western musical traditions, examining the complex tragedies of honour crime, family violence, and female (dis)empowerment in Britain and beyond.

Music by Bushra El-Turk, Liza Lim and Cassandra Miller

Libretto by Eleanor Knight

Director: Heather Fairbairn
Designer: Charlotte Henery
Lighting Designer: Sean Gleason

Music Director Kelly Lovelady
Video artist: Sapphire Goss

Gabriel Finn: Production Manager

Shira Agmon - Ensemble

Sophie Atalar - Ensemble

Aivale Cole - Ensemble

Karim Jabri - Father/Ensemble

Mona Khalili - Daughter/Ensemble

Camille Maalawy - Mother

Chamber Orchestra - Ruthless Jabiru


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