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Experimental Video Collage using archive, 3'00

A study on a post-industrial present, decay and renewal.

Music by Jupiter-C

Surge is video collage compiled from fragments of archive footage layered, matted and composited to create an abstract animation. It uses heavy industry as a nostalgic signifier of an optimistic 20th century vision: the capability of man to build a better world. The death of modernism seemed to cause a cancellation of any belief in a utopian future, which has eroded into pessimistic nihilism as the age of machines gives way to the digital and service industry in the UK. Industrial imagery appears from the patterns and merges with bacterial growing forms, as Britain’s potential industrial future itself decays and fades from memory.

Shown at Devonshire Collective Digital Weekender curated by AΦE (Eastborne, 2017)

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