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Antique glass, resin, wood.


Triple Harvest (2021) Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, Northamptonshire

11-15 Gallery (2021), Folkestone

Transmutation (2023), London Alt Photo/Thanet Alt Photo/The Margate School, Margate

Commissioned as part of TRIPLE HARVEST: THE ARCHIVES exhibited at Fermynwoods Fineshade Wood, Summer 2021 alongside my commissioned film NEVERENDING JIGSAW (2020)


The Light of Other Days is based on Bob Shaw’s concept of slow glass, through which light travels so slowly it holds memories in its molecular structure. 

Archives are considered pristine, unchangeable. In Triple Harvest – The Archives, artists challenge how true our remembrances of the past really are as the mythic and historic share space, both bolstering and undermining one another. Find out more here.

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