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In May/June  2017 I undertook a residency with Tracing the Pathway - Groundwork - a site-based research project based around Milton Keynes.

Throughout the residency I considered experimental ways of capturing Milton Keynes as a site of family history, structuralist design and biological patterns.   During the first half of the project, I explored the city's architectural nuances, navigating the dichotomy of its landscape as both city and forest. I worked with techniques of digital collage and projection mapping to develop a series of loops, textures and shapes that penetrate the city's concrete form.  

Work in progress included a projection mapped video installation - a series of video experiments creating a mind-map of my thoughts and findings. The map weaves together different time frames and time periods, creating a conceptual fabric for containing yet distorting MK's infrastructure.  

As the residency progressed I looked to the spaces in-between the structural forms of the city. Re-visiting my grandfather's farm, I traversed MK’s old tracks and paths, collecting samples of the flora that grow along the route in and out of the city. Considering past personal histories and the city's agricultural heritage, I was inspired to break from the digital and return to analogue techniques. Working with mounted slides I merged organic samples with urban materiality creating microcosmic views of Milton Keynes’ as a complex and rich ecology. I also used photography and film to document my journey and the sites I encountered on the way, charting the process and thinking behind this intricate, structuralist city.

The research culminated in a site specific installation: Eternity City, in 2018.




Groundwork is a performance and research project about Milton Keynes by Tracing the Pathway. Since Groundwork's inception in 2015 it has operated as an umbrella project title for a variety of activities including residencies, talks, workshops, parties and dinners.

In May 2015 and 2017 Tracing the Pathway artists to take up residence in Milton Keynes. Each artist spent 10 days engaging in creative methods to discover and champion connections between the place, people, heritage, geography and history of the city. During this initial research period the artists were inspired to celebrate diverse aspects of Milton Keynes’ cultural, geophysical, and architectural identity, ending their stays by presenting tailor-made project ideas.

Between March and September 2018 these artists will take time to create one of their  research ideas as part of a festival of unique artworks and socially-engaged community projects specifically for the city.

The project has been developed by artist collective Tracing the Pathway in partnership with Milton Keynes Arts Centre, with support by funding from Milton Keynes Community Foundation and Arts Council England.

Additional images by Mira Loew and Rino Pucci - click the images for more info.



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