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Your Wilderness Revisited at East End Film Festival 2017

Your Wilderness Revisited is a multimedia art project exploring the British suburban environment through a sense of shared history. It is an attempt to define a large portion of our built environment where only loose definitions currently exist.

At the edge of almost every town or city there is an estate of houses that all look the same. In labyrinthian cul-­de-sacs, with tarmacked pathways, wooden fences, green surroundings. Places we all know yet seldom notice­­. These places and the houses within them were designed not by architects, as though the product of a New Town utopian idealism, but by committee and consultation on land sold to competitive private developers.


Although these places appear homogenous, anodyne, utilitarian, they remain strangely beautiful through human interaction and development and through their constant gradients between brickwork and nature. Your Wilderness Revisited reimagines these unassuming spaces as sites of thousands of lives lived and as dreamscapes of their possible pasts and futures.

Photographer Matt Colquhoun, musician William Doyle and video artist Sapphire Goss came together to create this project after sharing their own experiences of these places and a desire to impact their misrepresentation. Your Wilderness Revisited takes take the form of many pieces, including photographs, text, audio-visual works and music across various events and exhibitions. It made its debut as part of East End Film Festival in June 2017 and will continue to run in many permutations. 

Presented by East End Film Festival in association with The Quietus.

Additional images: Adriana Kendra Taxi,  East End Film Festival 2017

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